We have not slowed down.  Our team has been working very hard and is positioned to be fully operational as soon as the shelter in place order is lifted.  We are also fully prepared to modify our operations to remain compliant with any Local and State governmental orders.  

What we have done from the outset to keep our staff and our customers (you) safe;

Mandated all employees acknowledge their overall health daily.
Provided and used appropriate PPE for employees while practicing frequent overall hygiene.
Maintained and enforced social distancing protocols.
Implemented Credit Card only payment methods.
Completed all customer transactions in open air not permitting anyone inside the ships store.
Remained ever vigilant to sanitization and cleanliness of the entire marina.  Restrooms, door handles, gas pumps, gate keypads, dock carts, power boxes, etc. have been continually cleaned and sanitized.

How we will operate when the shelter in place order is lifted;

Continue to make the health and safety of our employees and customers our top priority.
Continue to remain compliant with any Local and State governmental orders.
Continue with the previously listed protocols while relaxing some standards on entry into the store, and acceptance of cash. 
Continue to maintain our demanding cleanliness standards which have always been and remain high.  From restrooms to rental boats, and all things in between, rest assured they have received meticulous attention from our staff to provide a safe, secure and sanitized marina. 
Please help us in adopting a community approach to these efforts by practicing your own personal hygiene and using products available in restroom, at gates, fuel pumps, etc. to clean and sanitize after contact and use.

Please understand that social distancing has become a normality of everyday living.  Some employees and customers may wish to continue this practice.  It is never intended to cause embarrassment or offense.

When the time comes, we will be ready for you!  We are eager to welcome you back!  

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